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In-house motor production facility

The heart of every fan is the motor.   That's why we produce every single component of our motors in-house.   With automated coiling and shaping machines, we are able to produce consistently our high quality motors.   Once coiled, we assemble our motors and perform several tests including a silent room test to ensure there are no unwanted noises within the motors.   We don't just stop there either!   We use a patent lubrication, which is made in USA, to ensure the life of the motors are at least double of that from most standard fans produced in China.   Specifically designed machines are required to inject this unique lubricant into the bearings of all our motors.   A long lasting motor is important, especially when the product is used throughout the summer or in harsh conditions as these situations may demand more out of the fan.

99% volume of oil reserved in our motor bearings using patented permanent lubrication

In-house assembly

The final and perhaps crucial stage of our production is the assembly process.   This is where everything comes together and gets ready to be shipped out. With a skilled workforce we are able to complete the assembly proficiently and within confirmed time frames.   Our production manager allocates the necessary team of workers on one of our four assembly lines according to the product being assembled.   With a long history in producing electric fans and our Air Monster training, the workforce are able to assembly each model with great efficiency.   Our team of Quality control managers oversee each sector of the assembly process and makes sure every product complies with the appropriate approvals.   Upon completing the goods, we conduct further tests on the finished product to ensure that the items are in good order and with the appropriate requisites from our clients.

Once ready, the cargo is stored in our secured warehouse equipped with CCTV to ensure that the goods are safe until they are ready for loading.   Each container than arrives our facility is thoroughly inspected visually and subject to our 'rain' test where a sprinkler system is poured over the container to make sure there are no cracks that may allow water to seep in during transport.   Once satisfied, then only do we continue with the loading process with our loading manager always present to document the process.

Life test facility

To better understand our clients environment and the productiveness of the electric fan, we take a sample from the shipment and put it in our life test room. In this room we conduct two types of test.   The first group of electric fans are turned on 8 to 10 hours a day mimicking the normal working hours of a fan within most households.   We study the fans performance as well as look into any issues that may occur from using the fan everyday for this period of time.   The second group of electric fans are turned on 24 hours a day, every day.   These fans are left to run every single day without us turning them off.   We leave them on until they stop working permanently.   Once this products life is over, we examine the fan and investigate which areas would have caused the product to expire.


In addition to the life test we also conduct similar test in a heated room.    By increasing the room temperature the fan is put under enormous stress to perform and yet sustain its air-cooling and longevity.

With all of these additional tests, we are able to understand completely the working conditions our products are put under and solve any possible issues before they actually happen.   With the ability to control the output of all parts from the beginning until the assembly and thorough testing thereafter, we are confident and stand by each and every product we produce.