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Where are Air Monster products produced?
All of our fans are produced in our factory which is located in the city of Hengli, Dongguan within the Guangdong province.

What port do you ship your goods from?
Since our manufacturing plant is located in Dongguan, the nearest port of shipment would be Shenzhen port.

Do you produce OEM or only Air Monster brand products?
We can produce any item with your brand and packaging provided that they meet our minimum order quantity.

What are the minimum quantity requirements to place an order?
We produce every part of the fan in-house.   This also means that when we produce each product, we make sure that each and every part we make is up to a high quality standard.   To achieve this, we must be able to produce at least a minimum for the motor, inject the minimum of plastics for each part on the fan and keep the assembly production line constant for the period of producing the specific item.   Therefore the minimum requirement for each model would be one 40'HQ container.


What if I can not purchase one 40'HQ per model, what other options do I have?
If you are unable to purchase our minimum quantity per model, then please contact us and let us know your inquiry to see what we can do to support you in your market.

Can Air Monster help with designing the package and logo for our brand?
Yes.   We have a team of skilled designers who can help you design your packaging and logo if required - all complimentary of course!

Why should I choose Air Monster produced fans instead of another competitor?
We understand that quality, pricing and design are the major factor (in that order) when selection your fans.   Which is why we at Air Monster with over 40 years experience in fans, with over 300 toolings and production of all major component in-house can guarantee that you will receive the best of all 3 points above.   We are constantly looking for ways to improve our product, develop new designs and find ways to keep our prices competitive without reducing the quality of our fans.


Force Manner Co., Ltd.
27th Floor, Unit C-D, Wyndham Place
No. 44 Wyndham Street, Central, Hong Kong
t: (852) 2764 9983


Dongguan He Tai Fan Co., Ltd.
Zhengkeng Industrial Zone, Xicheng, Hengli,
Dongguan, Guangdong, China 523463
t: (86) 1 550 756 2925, (86) 1 501 250 3585

If you have any questions regarding our product range, need marketing materials or would like to offer us feedback on our product or services - please send us an email and we will reply you at the soonest possible time.