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Quality management systems

Our factory follows the ISO 9001:2008 management system, complies with factory audits by BV and social audits such SMETA/SEDEX and SA8000.   We don't cut corners on safety and always apply all the necessary updates when needed to ensure we are always up-to-date.   The safety and security of our workers are very important to us.   We believe that responsible manufacturing leads to trustworthy products, which in return yields satisfied customers.

We work with many reputable companies who require extensive audits and compliances within their scope.   Our factory complies with the several Countries audit requirements for quality control systems and working conditions.

All our machinery is suitable for manufacture and calibrated every year to ensure maximum output of high quality parts.   We only use quality vendors for all the parts we purchase and conduct further audits on them to ensure that the components we use come from equally certified factories.

Compliance with universal safety regulations

We work extensively with our clients and several laboratories in Hong Kong and China to ensure that our products comply with each country's requirements.

All our products are certified by an ILAC accredited laboratory to comply with the up to date IEC standards.   This ensures that our clients can easily use our certificates and reports to apply in parallel to their countries requirements if needed.

We also have an extensive range of products that are ETL certified under Intertek for our USA clients.   With thorough testing conducted on our products and factory, our USA clients can be sure that all products purchased are up the to latest standards for their market.

Our teams of engineers constantly seek ways to improve the safety, performance and reliability of our products so that our clients can always trust the products that they are purchasing from us.


In addition to the safety standards certified by the respective laboratories, we also follow the requirements of our clients for their individual markets.   While our products are certified, some of our client may have additional requisites which are necessary to allow the fan to function to its' full potential in their respective markets. This is why we conduct several internal test as well as life test on all our products to be able to test the ongoing safety of each and every one of our fans.


We believe in making sure that in every step of the way each sector is tested for and in compliance with the necessary directives to achieve the final finest product.

Making sure our factory is up to date with all necessary standards and compliance for not only specificy countries, but for all nations we supply to, allows us to ensure direct compatibly for the respective country.   Ensuring all our vendors are ISO 9001:2008 certified and comply with all the certifications for the parts they supply us is key in keeping our product quality up to standards.

Certifying our final product with several laboratories for the respective countries we sell to ensures our clients that our products not only complies with all the necessary safety standards but in fact are compatible with nearly all the countries in the world.

For additional benefits, we also make sure our products are environmentally friendly and low cost in energy consumption.   After all, those who purchase a fan are looking for safety, designer friendly and most importantly low cost means to ventilate and cool their surroundings.   Read further on how to save money using our fan.