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Although we do our best to save the environment it is inevitable to deny that the weather seems to be getting warmer year by year.   By purchasing a fan for each room, you not only help save the environment by using a lower cost alternative cooling system but benefit from keeping cool during the warmer weather.   Air Monster's cooling products help consumers to reduce energy consumption and help save the environment.  Using a fan instead of an air conditioner not only saves you money on high electricity bills, but it also helps you reduce your carbon footprint and conserve energy! You can be a part in conserving our world with a simple switch.


Our factory is also dedicated to sustainable practices during our day-to-day operations as well.   During our production, shipping and administrative process our team is dedicated to limit our environmental footprint.   We make sure to reuse and/or recycle as many times as possible.   In our Dongguan Factory pallets, boxes and plastic bags are used repeatedly during our assembly process.   Once the assembly is complete, plastic bags boxes are folded and kept to be re-used again for the next assembly process.   All our pallets are made from plastic material so that they may be recycled incase they are damaged over time.