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The right brand for you

The Air Monster trademark is a well respected brand available in over 20 countries and increasing.   We truly believe in our product and stand by the quality since we make all major parts ourselves!   Applying the Air Monster brand is more than just a name, it symbolizes a quality that our customers can trust and be sure of.   We stand by our product and know that when you use an Air Monster fan, it is a product that not only will last a long time but also be a unique center piece in your home.   We design and develop all our products in-house as well, so you can be sure that its a product that stays different all the while works to the full advantage of our fan.

Or the right product for your brand

We also understand that you may have a brand that is already established in your market place and need the right product to match.   We produce for many respectable brands around the world as well as reputable companies and franchise.   Many of which are listed companies on the stock exchange with brands over 100 years old.   Our products fit every criteria that is required by our customers as we offer them with a unique range of fans that fulfills all their needs to promote they brand even further in the respective department.