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Fans are the most efficient form of cooling systems available.   They consume far less energy than air conditioners when cooling a similar size space.   Air conditioners create a low volume of air at high pressure while fans create high volume of air at a lower pressure.   In addition of being a low cost highly efficient product on its' own, combined with an air conditioner system and a fan can help save you on energy costs each month.

An air conditioner is a treat during the hot summers, however during warm weathers a fan will do just fine.   And since fans do not require refrigerant and conserve more energy compared with an air conditioner, they are much friendlier on the environment than the latter.   Thereby confirming that running a fan is one of the cleanest systems to reduce your carbon footprint as you cool your workspace or home.

Watts consumed by the respective household appliance.

Stay cool and save in the summer

Simply turn on your Air Monster air circulator along with your air conditioner or central cooling system.   The circulator will improve air movement throughout the room so you don't have to turn up the air conditioner as high.   By using less energy to cool the same space, you could save as much as 20% off your energy bill.

Stay warm and save in the winter

In the wintertime, heat typically collects at the ceiling of your home.   When you use an Air Monster air circulator, heat is drawn down from the ceiling and distributed more evenly around your home.   This allows you keep your home at a comfortable temperature, while using less energy.